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Pro Player Insurance Group Blog: 9_2014

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Watching weather reports can be scary stuff, but it's crucial that you know what's brewing in your hometown. Meteorologists throw around a lot of terms without explanation. A common source of confusion is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. READ MORE >>

Sunny days are a boater's best friend, but unfortunately, the weather doesn't always cooperate with us. Sometimes, boaters are faced with rough storms and even hurricanes that can have damaging effects. Every boater, whether on land or on the water, should be aware of the weather forecast. READ MORE >>

Nearly half of all American households aren't aware that a standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood-related damages. For protection from floodwaters, you must purchase additional coverage. But do you really need extra flood insurance? READ MORE >>

Owning a motorcycle says a lot about your adventurous personality, and accessories — whether worn or attached to your bike — give you more opportunity to express yourself. Below are five popular motorcycle accessories. READ MORE >>

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