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Insurance protects you against financial loss whether you have an accident in your car, a tree falls through your home, a fire destroys your business or a hurricane wipes out your neighborhood. In some circumstances, insurance is required. For instance, Florida law requires you to purchase and maintain liability insurance if your drive a car; if you own a lease on your home, the mortgage company more than likely requires you to possess home insurance; flood insurance is required if you live in a FEMA designated flood zone; the Affordable Health Care Act now requires all Americans to possess health insurance and the state requires your business to protect you and your employees with workers compensation insurance. However, the law doesn't give you the extra time out of your day to evaluate different insurance companies or their policies. At Pro Player Insurance Group, we will take the time to find the insurance solution that meets your needs and we’ll remember to factor in possible exclusions, deductibles and discounts.

We have relationships with a dozen different auto carriers which allows us to find the lowest rate for you. We’ll do everything in our power to save you money on auto insurance—that’s our responsibility, and we take it very seriously. Contact us today for a Davie insurance quote.

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